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GCC AR-24 the 60cm Hobbyplotter


The great introduction to creativity

Our newest model at hobbyplotter.de is the cutter AR-24 from the known producer GCC.

The 60cm device is priced well, delivering high quality and closes the gap to many Noname products from the advertising technology.

Whether as an home user or as a beginner in the advertising technology, the cutter AR-24 from GCC offers a really good price-performance ratio.


The base for creative success will guaranteed by the Sure Cut A Lot Software which is included in delivery. So you can immediately start with a powerful Design-Software. The sophisticated and reliable technology of the GCC cutters ensures a perfect combination of speed, cutting power and accuracy.


GCC AR-24 Hobbyplotter

  • The device has two interfaces: USB and Serial
  • 1 MB memory
  • Knife pressure 250g
  • Cutting speed max. 400mm/s
  • Number of pressure rolls: 2
  • Number of blank holder: 1
  • 24 month guarantee


The delivery of the AR-24 includes:

  • Floor stand with roller seat
  • GCC knife holder
  • GCC steel knife 45°
  • Paper cutter
  • Tweezers
  • Cutter bar
  • USB connection cable
  • Windows driver XP-Win. 8
  • Mac Os driver as from Version 10
  • Sure Cuts A Lot 4.0


technical data:


max. cutting width                                             600 mm

max. media width                                               719 mm

max. material strength                                        0,8 mm

max. cutting power                                             250 g

max. cutting speed                                             400 mm/s

pressure rolls                                                     2

guide rollers                                                       1

software resolution                                             0,025 mm

repeat accuracy                                                  ± 0,1 mm

distance accuracy                                                ± 0,254 mm

copy memory                                                      1 MB

connections                                                        USB und Serial

command language                                              HP-GL, HP-GL/2

mechanical zero, programmable                             Yes

operator panel                                                     2 LEDs and 10 buttons


GCC AR-24 the 60cm Hobbyplotter Hobbyplotter AR-24 with SCAL
Hobbyplotter AR-24 with SCAL
€ 549,00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs


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