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xTool M1 Air Assist Set

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5010184
Barcode: 6928819516663
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xTool Air Assist Set for M1 Laser

What does the Air Assist do?

The Air Assist provides cooling in the inside the M1. With the help the produced air flow your material is being cooled down while being processed. It is mounted directly above the lens on the tool head of the laser.  This means that the Air Assist is always in the right place and can cool down your materials during processing with the laser.

xTool Air Assist for M1 Laser

Even better results

The cooling airflow makes the edges of your design smoother. In addition, the smudge marks of your work with wood are reduced. Edges are clearer and less likely to discolor.

 Even better results wit the xTool Air Assist for M1 Laser

Easy set-up

The Air Assist is easily and quickly connected to the M1 Laser. Thanks to the magnetic air nozzle, the Air Assist can be quickly attached to the xTool tool head.

 Easy to use

Well integrated

The M1 Laser has suitable brackets for the Air Assist. This allows you to easily and compactly set-up the air supply in the M1 Laser.

 Alignment of the xTool Air Assist for M1 Laser

Made of metal, high temperature resistant

The Air Assist also withstands higher temperatures and supports the laser powerfully.


30L/Min airflow

Thanks to the strong airflow of the Air Assist set, up to 30L/min of air can be used for cooling.


40 dB in use

The noise level of the Air Assist for the M1 is 40 decibels, which is quieter than the noise of a fan.

Why you should use the Air Assist Set:

  • Strong airflow for deeper and faster cutting
  • Guarantees clean surface
  • Protects the lens of the laser
  • Low working noise

Contents of delivery:

  • 1x Air Assist Tool
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Tweezer
  • 1x 2,5m Tube
  • 1x Short tube clamp
  • 1x Medium tube clamp
  • 3x Long tube clamp
  • 2x Nozzle components
  • 1x Nozzle holder
  • 1x Silicone connection tube
  • 1x Air Assist connector
  • 2x Lens mount
  • 2x Lens (spare part)
  • 2x Sealing Ring (spare part)

Contents of delivery of the Air Assist for M1 Laser

Ratings (9)

hervorragende Schneidergebnisse. Die Schmauchspuren verschwinden quasi vollständig. Für den relativ steifen Luftschlauch gibt es einen Punkt Abzug.
Der Schlauch ist schon nervig, Einbau war sehr aufwendig
Das Gerät ist Leistungsstark und damit auch dementsprechend laut. Es ist gerade bei Cuts in Holz extrem wichtig für eine sauberes Schnittbild. Ich nutze meinen Laser in einer Werkstatt und somit ist die Geräuschkulisse nicht das entscheidende. Meiner Meinung nach sollte aber ein Air Assist gleich im Lasercutter verbaut sein.
In Kombination mit dem Abluftfilter einfach klasse

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