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PlottiXHeat transfer materialBundles

plottiX PremiumFlex Heattransfer 20cm x 30cm bundle 3 (10 pcs.)

Product#: PL0101887
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14,99 (€ 24,88 / m²)
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The PlottiX heat transfer material PremiumFlex is the perfect way to individualize your textiles. This set includes 10 foils in white, black, red, blue, yellow, light green, fuchsia, babypink, skyblue and orange.

Content: 10 pcs.

Dimension: 20cm x 30 cm

recommended adjustment for blade on

SILHOUETTE CAMEO, Portrait, Curio*

Blade: 2


recommended adjustment for Brother

Blade: 2
Pressure: 0

* please note that these values are just a guideline. These can differ depending on the abrasion of the blade. Please use the test-cut function of your machine before cutting a design.