Antistick Sheet

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Antistick Sheet 29 x 29 cm
29 x 29 cm
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Antistick Sheet 38 x 38cm
38 x 38cm
€ 7,99
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Heat-resistant antistick sheet- to protect your transfer press

It does not happen rarely that during the transfer process with a transfer press, the motif does not stick to the textile. Instead, it sticks to the pressing surface of the transfer press - a horror thought!

What went wrong? In the heat of the moment, it can sometimes happen that the motif is placed the wrong way on the textile, so that the adhesive surface faces up. If there is no heat-resistant antistick sheet between the motif and the press surface, the motif will stick to the press and make it unusable!

It is better to protect your transfer press - and your wallet - with a heat-resistant antistick sheet so that such a horror scenario does not happen to you.

It's that easy:

  • First, place the textile that has to be plotted in the transfer press.
  • Then place the motif with the adhesive surface facing down on your textile.
  • Now the heat-resistant antistick sheet is placed on top for protection.
  • And now you can start your pressing process.


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