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PlottiXHeat transfer materialBundles

plottiX MetalFlex bundle 20cm x 30cm (6 pcs.)

Product#: PL0101894
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The PlottiX MetalFlex heat transfer material is the perfect way to individualize your textiles and give them a shiny look. This bundle includes 6 foils in red, green, blue, copper, gold and silver

Content: 6 pcs.

Dimension: 20cm x 30 cm

recommended adjustment for blade on

SILHOUETTE CAMEO, Portrait, Curio*

Blade: 2


recommended adjustment for Brother

Blade: 2
Pressure: 0

* please note that these values are just a guideline. These can differ depending on the abrasion of the blade. Please use the test-cut function of your machine before cutting a design.