Hobbyplotter Support also stands by your side when things don’t go as they should.

Even with the highest quality technology, it can unfortunately happen that a device does not work as it should. To ensure that you can enjoy all our products for a long time, we have spare parts and trained technicians in hobby plotter support, who will assist you in case of problems.

30 days phone support

We want to give you the best possible start with our hobby plotters. Especially at the beginning, one or the other question may arise. Therefore, when you purchase a device in our store, you will also receive 30 days of telephone support included!

Device not purchased directly from

If you have not purchased your device directly from, please be sure to contact your dealer first for support inquiries. The dealer is your business partner and therefore also your contact person.
Of course we are also happy to help, but devices purchased from one of our dealers may not be immediately assigned, which can lead to unwanted delays in processing your request.